It's official, I'm back in the school cycle. I will be going back to school for a few years to refine my skills and get myself all set to go. I'm excited and completely terrified. It will be a big change for sure, but one for the better i know.


a little bit fantastic

Many thanks to the Toronto Craft Alert for linking me on their "Crafty Linkage" page. Im listed with a lot of excellent other toronto illustrators. Check them out here:


garage sale

I need to clean house!
I have put some old work up on my Etsy site in hopes of clearing it out. I just don't see any point in having it sitting around in storage. Check it out here:




a little less conversation

more show pieces...



little fits of encouragement

The Wild Heart show was a great success! Many thanks to Drew Lint for putting it all together, he did an excellent job. Here's a look at a few of the pieces that i have up, more will follow.

Acrylic and ink on layered plexiglass

Acrylic and ink on layered plexiglass

Acrylic and ink on layered plexiglass

Acrylic and ink on layered plexiglass


The Wild Heart

So it's that time again. I will be a part of a massive group show at The Whippersnapper Gallery this coming saturday. It will be mixed bag of different styles and talents so be sure to drop by.


'twas only a few moons ago.

I was looking at a few of my older pieces and deciphering what my strengths and weaknesses have been over the years. I feel like some are still relevant to my style so here's a look back:


people are staring...

I was featured on a couple of other blogs today so thanks to and for the posts!


square foot pieces

Here are some photos of the progress from the pieces i did for the square foot show. They seemed to get a great response as all the guys at the gallery were telling me how much they like them and couldn't believe that they didn't sell. Sometimes a girl just needs a little encouragement to make everything seem doable again. 


tree hugger

here's another work in progress. I think i will print it out at this stage and go over it by hand. Im still struggling with finishing peices. i don't know what i want my final output to look like.


something sinister

so as a last minute add i made some buttons for my friend's show, but my images were far too detailed and really didn't work that small. i think they will have more impact as full size works. WARNING, please keep in mind that the show's theme was bestiality....


a few new bits and pieces.

square foot show was good, i will post photos as soon as a find that cord that connects my camera to my computer...urg.
it's been so hard getting any work done while working full time but heres one small one. i think it may need a re-scan.



This is the first time my work will be up in a gallery, although it will be me and 500 other people, but im still kinda excited. Also this gives me great drive to actually get some work done. I'm planning 3 pieces which i will post in future.  
So come out to Awol gallery on Aug 15th to see the show!

toes that twitch with vocal cord vibrations.

i've been trying out different mediums on wood panels. I was sure i was going to take up wood burning as a new medium, though after some trials i don't think it will be a very quick process. i've decided not to do it for the series of women i'm doing for the square foot show. I was hoping it would work well for my line work, which you can see on the right side of some of her face, but i kept getting very bumpy lines. 

I tried markers, ball-point, pencil, highlighters, gouache and i think i'm still falling back to my trusted pencil. 


the end of the line.

I feel like lately i've been doing a lot of thinking about work i want to do and not a lot of actual work is getting done. I think it's because i struggle so hard with figuring out what a piece needs to be finished. So much of my work is light and simple, and i like it that way, but i think it may come  off as sketches and not finished works. Here's an example, i think that i will continue this as a series of girls spelling words or making shapes with their hands, but i have no idea where to go from here. 

tearing my hair under the covers.

I've been trying to make myself use my sketchbook more often lately, i just find it so hard to be consistent. I'd love to get to the point where my sketchbook feels like a continuation of my brain in a physical sense. Where i can pick it up and draw as i think with no concern for who is going to see it or how well its executed, but simply as a form of constant creative flow and imagination.  Anyways, heres a peak: 


specs on specs

pastries and bravado

i'm starting to play with art on different mediums. Most often scraps i've found and cardboard are giving me the best results. This one didn't really hold its own though.






jut doodling  bit...

valentines candy


dr. sketchys