minty fresh, like girl guide cookies.

just playing around a bit today. planning some things i hope to execute soon.


fruits of my labour.

Things are winding down at school so i thought i'd take the time to upload some class work. Most are in-class exercises. I wont be going back next semester as i have decided to go out on my own. The practice was a good experience though.


that devious smile.

Mona and i have been spending a fair amount of time together lately.
I recently had a project where i was to take the Mona Lisa and re-do it in the style of an illustrator of my choice. I choose Sam Weber, whom i greatly admire. Hopefully this isn't too insulting to him.

musical eclipse.

for when you cannot help but move.


almost thru.

It seems these days I've been doodling more in class than actually taking notes. My margins are brimming.