cross-stitching society.

Another digital assignment, collageing texture. I think i will definitely redo this by hand. I like the composition though.


inks and needles

I recently did a drawing for a friend to get tattooed. It's pretty amazing to have your work permanently etched into someones skin. I just did the outline work and a great tattoo artist Evie did all the real leg work. I will update these as she gets it colored in.

It's rollerskating Barbie!


we take turns fastening buttons.

I think my digital media class is the only class I'm getting anything out of right now. Hopefully that will change next semester.


The cars that go boom.

I have been playing with some new stylization and i like where it's going. Next step is to start making some little book/zines soon. I have decided that i am going to get enough done to try to sell at Canzine next year. This image obviously has a great deal of technical problems, but it's a good representation as to what I'm starting to work like.