The Flood of 1924

We ain't friends has another project on the go, a small animation based on one of my drawings. "The Flood of 1924" will be our very first film that we've done together and we are both really excited about it. The film will be a short, stop motion picture that tells the story of a young girl in her boat after a great flood has covered everything she knows. She explores on a stormy night, obviously determined & looking for something, but what that is remains unclear. Eventually she finds it sunk at the bottom of the ocean floor, an airtight bunker that is her best chance of finding a friend.

We're asking for support to make this and other creative projects! Check out the page here and pledge to the project if it seems interesting to you.


I am a true woodsman.

I built the tiniest of log cabin's out of some match sticks. I thought I would should you my step by step (I do apologize for the photobooth photos).


I'm working on some new art

it doesn't look at all like this: