QWAC Revisited

The Queen West Art Crawl was a huge success. The weather was beautiful and the faces were friendly. I am so pleased with the positive reactions to my work. Thanks to all he friends who helped out/hung out/kept the coffee flowing, you are are so wonderful. Please keeping checking back on as I am trying to get the products up asap.


everyone has their hide out

I reworked an old drawing I was never quite happy with.

for the words you carry

I am not very happy with this, I think i may need to start over.



little logs

This year I will be participating in the Queen West Art Crawl as a vendor in Trinity Bellwoods park, Sept 17 and 18. Please come by and visit (don't worry i will remind you). I will be selling some of my new jewellery pieces. Here's a peak at my new little log earrings.


More work

The past two days I have gotten quite a lot of work finished. I have been going through old sketches and bringing the better ones to life. As I have been playing with computer coloring and I am growing more confident in what I can accomplish. I like the consistency it seems to have given my work. Today was a good day.

the ghosts you draw on my back



All loose things seem to drift down to the sea, and so do I.



dead people

“Say anything you like, but don't say that I 'like' to work. That sounds like Mary Pickford, that prissy bitch. Just say I like to pinch babies and twist their legs. And get drunk.” - Mabel Normand.

I have been working on a few portraits lately. These went through many different incarnations before I decided to go back to what I know and keep it simple.


third eye


the flood of 1924

Chris Postill and I made a small stop-motion film, please check it out here . We wanted to thank everyone who helped us out with it through the indie-gogo website.


the adventurer

This image was well over a year in the making. I made the fish image over a year ago but could never figure out how to complete it. I'm glad I can finally move on from it.


This is more than a little bit ridiculous.

everyone loves spooning

I have been playing with digital colouring lately, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It just seems a little soul-less but maybe I am just partial. I am getting increasingly more frustrated with coloring images, it is by far my weak spot. Beyond the successful application of color, I think I am most stunted by choosing a direction and having a clear vision of what I want to accomplish.



Just a few new paintings. 2 pieces one of which is in the Freedom Clothing Collective Characters show. I've started working in gouache on wood panels and adding 3D or textural elements.


Character Group Show

I have a piece in the Characters Group show at Freedom Clothing Collective. pretty cool.

April 8th – May 3rd

Opening Reception:
Friday, April 8th at 8 pm
Live music by Jason Poisson at 8.30 pm

Oh mom i am sorry

I have a solo show up for the rest of this month, of all new works, at Come As You Are. Please stop by and check them out.

Come As You Are
701 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1E6

Erotica for the Mildly Aroused: New Works by Colleen McKeown
Does an image need to show a hardcore graphic representation of sex to still be considered erotic when we are saturated with sexual images in the mainstream medias? This series of erotic illustrations range from ordinary romantic touches to fun and mildly stimulating representations of sexuality.


Burner Magazine

I have a drawing in the newest issue of Burner Magazine, an online pop art and music magazine.


The Flood of 1924

We ain't friends has another project on the go, a small animation based on one of my drawings. "The Flood of 1924" will be our very first film that we've done together and we are both really excited about it. The film will be a short, stop motion picture that tells the story of a young girl in her boat after a great flood has covered everything she knows. She explores on a stormy night, obviously determined & looking for something, but what that is remains unclear. Eventually she finds it sunk at the bottom of the ocean floor, an airtight bunker that is her best chance of finding a friend.

We're asking for support to make this and other creative projects! Check out the page here and pledge to the project if it seems interesting to you.


I am a true woodsman.

I built the tiniest of log cabin's out of some match sticks. I thought I would should you my step by step (I do apologize for the photobooth photos).


I'm working on some new art

it doesn't look at all like this:


Farewell old friend

I am saying goodbye to my old (SLOW!!) website and hello to my new one. I am a lucky girl to have such good friends, friends who will make me websites and help me get them up and running. I thought that, before they are lost to the internet forever, I should upload a few images that didn't make the cut on the new site. Please check out the great web/graphic designer Christopher Postill if you are in need of graphic work.



BIG NEWS! My mini book necklaces can now be bought in stores!
3 wonderful retailers have a selection of my one of a kind necklaces, so stop in and check them out.

686 Yonge st.

The Drake General Store
1144 Queen St West

Freedom Clothing Collective
939 Bloor st. West.

It has been a real pleasure dealing with these stores and I am very excited to see what new opportunities this opens up.