Holiday Pop Up Shop

My mini-book necklaces will be a part of Project 165's Holiday Pop Up Shop at Methinks Gallery in Kensington. A whole wack of talented artists, crafters, and creative folk will have their wares for sale so please check it out!

165 Augusta Ave (Kensington Market)
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5T 2L4
December 10 – 27, 12 – 6pm daily

Art Fair this weekend

I will be at the Studio 561 Winter Art Fair this weekend. I will be selling my mini book necklaces and a few zines and odds and ends. Please stop by !


wee books for everyone

My mini hand-bound hardcover book necklaces are now available!!! Please check out the ETSY shop.


it's been a while.


I severly appologize for the lack of art updates. The past few months have been consumed by WE AINT FRIENDS BOOKS, and our current comic EZ Grocery and video. But, now that part one is done hopefully i can get some other work done.

Today i recieved an email from an old coworker which simply stated "i stole this." along with a picture of an old doodle i had done on a scrap of foamcore while bored at work. I thought it would be a good image to share as i try to get back in the swing of blogging about my art.


We Ain't Friends Books

Chris Postill and I have been working on a graphic novel for some time now, and in the process of doing so have already stumbled into a number of other ideas we need to produce. Therefore we’ll be using this website as a place to self-publish our books, post online comics, and hopefully get our stories out to people who might like em. Currently we’re obsessively working on our first real collaboration together, EZ Grocery & Video. Please have a look at, and check back often for updates.


a day like today

Today i participated in Bang! Vaughn, an outdoor/indoor art event. I was selling my mini book necklaces and a few illustrations. It definitely was a beautiful day for it.


yo ho ho

i am home again and i wish i was away again.


Carpalapse - Kahr-pa-laps

While I've been traveling making things and drawing has been difficult. I have however made a small zine, called Carpalapse. Its about using my hands during the creative process. This book and the larger graphic novel I am making with my friend Chris Postill will be available at this years Canzine.


I'm running away.

I wont be posting much for the next month as I am going on a road trip to the east coast of Canada. My travel partner and i are going to find some good music and hopefully make some videos. I believe he will be uploading some of our travel videos and interesting stuff on his site,, so be sure to check that out!
Hopefully i will do a bunch of drawing while i am away and will update asap.


my hands expose me.

Because my bike's rear fender fell off and i am stuck indoors.


for my old man.

A very happy fathers day to my super Pops.


Books Binded!

These are the results of my book binding weekend. We took the design I had previously posted and transferred it to a silk screen so we could make our own covers and inside pages. I made 2 pamphlet style books, one Button Hole Stitch and the other Dos-A-Dos with a z-cover. I also made a hard cover Case Bound book, I'm pretty proud of this one. I think I may be making a few more books in the coming weeks.


i'm going book binding!

Tomorrow I am taking a weekend workshop at Open Studio. I'm pretty excited because it's also being taught by Shannon Gerard who's comic work I really admire. I had to prepare a few patterns to be silk screened, which I have posted below. I will update with my creations after this weekend.


I's The B'y

Cut layers of ink on mylar, gouache.


Occupational Hazards

So it seems that i have developed "de quervain's tenosynovitis", yup it's a real thing. Which is basically tendonitis of the wrist and thumb. I have to get a custom splint made. It's kind of upsetting for someone who wants to spend their life drawing, but on the plus side I cranked out 2 new pieces (even with a bum hand!) which will be uploaded shortly.

... and then i fell over in the chair.


Woah Momma!

Just a little happy mother's day to my mum, and all mum's out there.


minty fresh, like girl guide cookies.

just playing around a bit today. planning some things i hope to execute soon.


fruits of my labour.

Things are winding down at school so i thought i'd take the time to upload some class work. Most are in-class exercises. I wont be going back next semester as i have decided to go out on my own. The practice was a good experience though.


that devious smile.

Mona and i have been spending a fair amount of time together lately.
I recently had a project where i was to take the Mona Lisa and re-do it in the style of an illustrator of my choice. I choose Sam Weber, whom i greatly admire. Hopefully this isn't too insulting to him.

musical eclipse.

for when you cannot help but move.


almost thru.

It seems these days I've been doodling more in class than actually taking notes. My margins are brimming.



I drew a bunch of birds for the spring window display at work this month. It's really great being able to be at "work" when I'm just drawing and painting cute birds. Sorry for the glare.


suddenly our chests were full.

I found this in a pile of paper hidden in the deep recesses of my room.

we will transform you.

Just a few sketchbook updates. I visited the Body Worlds exhibit and saw fetuses, crazy.


cross-stitching society.

Another digital assignment, collageing texture. I think i will definitely redo this by hand. I like the composition though.


inks and needles

I recently did a drawing for a friend to get tattooed. It's pretty amazing to have your work permanently etched into someones skin. I just did the outline work and a great tattoo artist Evie did all the real leg work. I will update these as she gets it colored in.

It's rollerskating Barbie!


we take turns fastening buttons.

I think my digital media class is the only class I'm getting anything out of right now. Hopefully that will change next semester.


The cars that go boom.

I have been playing with some new stylization and i like where it's going. Next step is to start making some little book/zines soon. I have decided that i am going to get enough done to try to sell at Canzine next year. This image obviously has a great deal of technical problems, but it's a good representation as to what I'm starting to work like.


The predictions you've hidden in your sock drawer.

On another note. I decide to make a comic based on growing up with my wonderful, lovely, yet obsessively clean Mother and her psychic tendencies. Tarot cards, occult books, auras, and not being allowed to put my feet on the sofa.

I will post images as soon as it's out of my head and onto a scrap.

I'm coughing up colours.

My ego has been given a swift kick in the arse. It feels good to be surrounded by 22 others who are better than me. Its a challenge I surely needed, but my stress level is building fast. I have a project due in every class every week. I'm not drawing nearly enough. I need to remember to eat and take my vitamins. I'm really trying to.

This is my first crack at digital painting. I even had to buy a tablet, much to my distaste. It's a fairly boring image unfortunately.