dead people

“Say anything you like, but don't say that I 'like' to work. That sounds like Mary Pickford, that prissy bitch. Just say I like to pinch babies and twist their legs. And get drunk.” - Mabel Normand.

I have been working on a few portraits lately. These went through many different incarnations before I decided to go back to what I know and keep it simple.


third eye


the flood of 1924

Chris Postill and I made a small stop-motion film, please check it out here . We wanted to thank everyone who helped us out with it through the indie-gogo website.


the adventurer

This image was well over a year in the making. I made the fish image over a year ago but could never figure out how to complete it. I'm glad I can finally move on from it.


This is more than a little bit ridiculous.

everyone loves spooning

I have been playing with digital colouring lately, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It just seems a little soul-less but maybe I am just partial. I am getting increasingly more frustrated with coloring images, it is by far my weak spot. Beyond the successful application of color, I think I am most stunted by choosing a direction and having a clear vision of what I want to accomplish.